Uk Ministry of Defence issues Insect Repellent containing Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus to military personnel to help protect them from coronavirus

The news story was first covered by Sky News and then picked up by the other major channels:

Sky News: coronavirus-uk-troops-given-insect-repellent-as-part-of-enhanced-protection

Telegraph: british-soldiers-to-get-insect-repellant-as-covid-19-protection

MSN: There has been considerable interest in the possible action of PMD against COVID-19 as a result of its effectiveness at killing other coronaviruses, including SARS.

While soap and existing anti-virals also kill the virus, the potential advantage offered by PMD is the duration of its effect. If it is proved to be an effective barrier, PMD could provide a longer period of protection than soap and water.

 It has been reported that the UK Ministry of Defence is currently running tests to explore the use of PMD to protect against COVID-19

 There is other evidence to suggest PMD can stop the spread of viruses. Further testing has begun in earnest on the back the Covid pandemic.

 To be clear, we make no such claim that Bug-Grrr Off can protect from Coronavirus/COVID-19. It’s designed to deter insects from biting and it does that very well. So, for now, we will just stick to what we know for sure – that Bug-Grrr Off is a Powerful Natural Insect Repellent.