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CHOICE recommends Bug-grrr Off following expert testing as the ONLY Natural Insect Repellent to be as effective as synthetic repellents.

CHOICE recommends Bug-grrr Off following expert testing as the ONLY Natural Insect Repellent to be as effective as synthetic repellents.


Comparing products is only natural, and that goes for mosquito and bug repellent too. So, we know that clinical results and reliable testing is what really counts. Fortunately, the team behind CHOICE have made it that much easier to choose the most effective mosquito repellent with their expert-tested mosquito repellent reviews.


Their external testers put some of Australia’s most well-known mosquito repellent brands to the test. So, how did Bug-grrr Off’s natural mosquito repellent fare? Let’s find out!


Bug-grrr Off: 98% CHOICE expert rating over 6 Hours.


Following six hours of gruelling tests on both Australian natural mosquito repellents and synthetic repellents, Bug-grrr Off scored a 98% CHOICE expert rating—the highest rating given to any one of the insect repellents tested.


The CHOICE experts rated the repellents based on:

  • The time the product repels mosquitoes
  • Claimed repellency hours
  • Price


The most significant factor came down to how well the products repelled mosquitoes after six hours. With a repellence rating of 97%, Bug-grrr Off was the best in the line-up in terms of lasting protection—rating higher than other well-known repellents such as Aerogard, Bushman, and Rid.


Is the testing accurate?

CHOICE states they use external labs, specialising in repellency. The labs test each product four times and are applied to a volunteer’s forearm (yes, a human volunteer). Then, they conduct the test in a ventilated, see-through plastic cage. 


Around 40 unfed mosquitoes are introduced into the cage, wherein the human volunteer’s arm is exposed for three minutes. From there, the testers document the number of attempted and successful landings by the mosquitoes. There are a variety of factors that attract mosquitoes to humans, including body odour and carbon dioxide. 


The testers assess the product efficacy at regular intervals at 5, 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 240, and 360 minutes post-application. Like we said—a gruelling testing process. 


In conclusion 


It all comes down to one thing; how long the product keeps mosquitoes from landing and feasting into you. And Bug-grrr Off is the clear winner, as the only natural insect repellent recommended for up to six hours of protection with 97% efficacy. Now, with CHOICE’s expert testing results, you can feel confident and comfortable in your choice of natural mosquito repellent.


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