Bug-grrr Off Wins SILVER at the Clean & Conscious Awards 2021

Bug-grrr Off Wins SILVER at the Clean & Conscious Awards 2021

Bug-Grrr Off wins Silver in the Insect Repellent/Salve Category at The Clean & Conscious Awards 2021

The Bug-grrr Off team is ecstatic to announce that our Natural Insect Repellent Jungle Strength Spray was awarded runner up in the Insect Repellent/Salve category in the 2021 Clean and Conscious Awards.

Bug-grrr Off was among more than 400 products in the Clean and Conscious finals across multiple categories, including Body, Skincare, Haircare, Makeup, Kids, Zero Waste and more.

Check out the line-up of finalists, including Bug-grrr Off’s Natural Insect Repellent, in the Clean and Conscious directory here!

What are the Clean and Conscious Awards?

Originally called the Australian Non-Toxic Awards, the Clean and Conscious Awards are entirely independent and judged by well-known industry experts.

The Clean and Conscious Awards pride themselves on recommending safe, ethical, responsible, and sustainable products. So, it’s no wonder that Bug-grrr Off placed in the top two for best Insect Repellent/Salve!

How are the Clean and Conscious awards judged?

All products are judged by a team of experts and must tick the four main pillars of Clean and Conscious: non-toxic, ethical, sustainable, and responsible. 

See how the Clean and Conscious experts judged Bug-grrr Off in line with their values:


Bug-grrr Off Natural Insect Repellent Jungle Strength Spray is formulated with an array of non-toxic ingredients, including our hero, Extract of Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus (OLE).


Australian made and owned, Bug-grrr Off is Not tested on animals and is Vegan friendly. Bug-grrr Off uses ingredients from environmentally safe and fair-trade sources.


Bug-grrr Off’s Natural Insect Repellent and other products are made from renewable, sustainably sourced resources. While Bug-grrr Off is highly effective in repelling mosquitos and other biting insects it doesn’t harm them it provides a barrier to protect you from their senses.


Through our natural products, Bug-grrr Off aims to educate families on the benefits of safe and natural products and highlight the dangers of using chemical repellents on the skin, such as the neurotoxin DEET.

What the experts say about Bug-grrr Off’s Natural Insect Repellent 

The expert judging panel behind the Clean and Conscious Awards put all the nominated products to the test. They tested the natural insect repellents on themselves and their families to see just how effective they were against mosquitos, midges, and other biting insects.

See for yourself what the experts think of Bug-grrr Off:

“I feel confident using this for my family as it has been registered with the APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority). As someone who is allergic to many of the bugs this repels, I’m excited to have such a great product in my home and travel bag.”

- Corrine Sultana (@thelowtoxproject)

“So many natural bug repellents don’t do the job – this one does and smells good. You don’t need much of it either. I love the smell, the effectiveness and the fact it’s been tested and the results are so reassuring.”

- Alena Turley (@soulmamahub)

“If there’s the potential to catch Malaria or Ross River, I personally choose not to take any risks and look for a product with Lemon Eucalyptus oil in it … If I’m going to an area with lots of mosquitoes or a tropical destination, I am packing this for myself and the kids without doubt.”

- Emily Fletcher (@mynontoxtribe)

“Having just moved to an area where midges are abundant (and love the taste of my blood!) I really appreciate that this “jungle strength” natural pump spray protects me from a variety of insects. The scent is quite refreshing, and the kids don’t mind using it.”

- Emma Freeman (@the_tealady)

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