Bug-grrr Off Natural Insect Repellent

What makes Bug-grrr Off work?

Our hero ingredient Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus has been scientifically proven to repel mosquitoes and it is the only Natural compound recommended by The World Health Organisation (WHO) to repel mosquitoes. When sprayed onto your skin Bug-grrr Off provides a barrier which makes you invisible to the insects senses.

How long does Bug-grrr Off last for?

Bug-grrr Off provides you with 6hr protection. You need to reapply after excessive exercise and after swimming.

What insects does Bug-grrr Off protect you from?

Mosquitoes, sand flies, stable flies, black flies, midges, ticks, leeches and other biting insects.

Does Bug-grrr off harm the insects?

No. The ingredients in Bug-grrr Off don’t poison the insects instead they make you invisible to the insects senses.

Is Bug-grrr off safe to use on Children?

Yes our products are safe to use on children from 6 months of age. We suggest patch testing under the wrist for children under 12 months of age to make sure there is no sensitivity to eucalyptus.

Is Bug-grrr off safe to use when pregnant?

Yes it is safe to use when pregnant as our ingredients are 100% Natural.

Is Bug-grrr Off Australian Made?

Yes our products are Australian Owned and Made.

Is Bug-grrr off safe to use on clothing?

Yes. In our products we use 100% Natural ingredients.

How do I use Bug-grrr Off?

Shake the bottle well before use. Apply Bug-grrr Off directly onto all exposed skin. Repeat as necessary especially after excessive exercise or after swimming.

What don’t you use DEET in Bug-grrr Off?

We wanted to make a Natural Product that is safe and effective.

DEET is a chemical used in many insect repellents. Studies have shown overexposure to DEET  to be linked to severe skin reactions, breathing difficulties and neurological problems including seizures. It is also a powerful solvent so it can damage certain fabrics as well as painted or varnished surfaces. There is a DEET Warning on repellent bottles stating “. Maybe Dangerous particularly to children if used in large amounts for a long time”

EUCYL Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser

What is the consistency of EUCYL?

Eucyl is a gel.

What does Eucalyptus Oil do in EUCYL?

Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial qualities and provides a beautiful fragrance.

Does EUCYL make your hands dry?

No the eucalyptus oil provides you with a moisturising agent.

What is the percentage of alcohol in EUCYL?


How does EUCYL remove Bacteria?

EUCYL has been bacterial tested to 99.99% efficacy.

EUCYL has 70% alcohol which is the requirement to remove bacteria effectively.

Is EUCYL Australian Made?

Yes all our products are Australian Made and Owned.

How do you use EUCYL?

Apply 1-2 pumps to your palms, rub all over you your palms, back of hands and finger tips until your hands are dry.